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Why get tested?

Vitamin D test tests measure vitamin D deficiency in blood serum. This test is also relevant if you are taking any vitamin D supplements as it finds out if they are present in an adequate quantity in the blood.

What is being tested?

Vitamin D comes from a group of compounds that are necessary for the formation and growth of bones and teeth. Vitamin D testing is necessary as the deficiency of this nutrient could cause several disorders. Patients having chronic health problems such as psoriasis, asthma, and certain autoimmune diseases are recommended to get the vitamin D lab test as they potentially have abnormal levels of this nutrient. 

Low levels of vitamin D could result in fragile or broken bones as vitamin D serves the necessary role of absorption of calcium in the body. 

Vitamin D level testing is important because symptoms of abnormal vitamin D levels are not distinct so you could confuse your condition with other illnesses. Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy diagnostic test is essential to correctly diagnose abnormal vitamin D levels in the body. 

Preparation needed?

The doctor may recommend you to not eat anything for about 4 to 8 hours before getting the vitamin D test.

Fasting required?