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Why get tested?

The signs of the trichomoniasis STD infection widely differ, however, most individuals infected with this parasite are unable to identify it without having the trichomoniasis lab test. According to CDC, it infects 1 in every 5 individuals again after 3 months of their treatment. Moreover, the signs of this infection are similar to those of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and bacterial vaginosis, hence, it would still be necessary to get other STD tests in case of a negative diagnosis in the trichomoniasis test.

Unlike syphilis, trichomoniasis does not remain asymptomatic for many years, however, in some women, the signs of infection may not show for about 28 days after infection. But the symptoms of trichomoniasis may occur immediately. Trichomoniasis is often an asymptomatic infection as its symptoms do not appear in as many as 30% of the infected individuals. 

Trichomoniasis can cause preterm delivery/premature birth, that is early birth of a baby. It is likely that the newborn of an infected mother has a low birth weight that measures less than 5.5 pounds. 

What is being tested?

Trichomoniasis is caused by a parasitic protozoan. Trich increases the risk of spreading or getting other STDs. For instance, it significantly increases the risk of spreading HIV infection.

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