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Test Description

Why get tested?

DHEA is a useful hormone in the body and it serves to synthesize further hormones in men and women. Excessive DHEA-S is harmful for women’s health and it may cause PCOS. High DHEA-S levels appear in Cushing’s disease and cancer, whereas DHEA-S levels are low in the situation of diabetes, dementia, Addision’s disease, cardiovascular disease, AIDS, and lupus. 

What is being tested?

DHEA-S hormone is synthesized by the adrenal glands and its cortex region is the part involved in the process. It is an androgen (male hormone) but it has to be present in a certain quantity in females too.

Preparation needed?

Before getting the DHEA-S test, you need to inform the healthcare practitioner if you consume any of these drugs. Specific antidiabetic drugs also tend to raise DHEA-S levels. These include prolactin, nicotine, calcium channel blockers, and danazol. Antidiabetic medications and athletic performance drugs also consist of DHEA. A specific preparation is not required for the DHEA-S test. 

Fasting required?