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Why get tested?

The D-Dimer test measures the amount of D-Dimer protein in the body. This protein forms when a clot of blood dissolves in the body. Hence, the D-Dimer test helps to diagnose many types of blood clotting disorders. A blood clot disorder causes the clot to form in the absence of an injury or stops it from dissolving in the blood when it should. 

What is being tested?

The main component of the blood clot is the fibrin protein, which links with each other to form a net of fibrin. The fibrin and platelets then keep the blood clot fixed on the site of the wound until it recovers. The clot formed on the wound is called thrombosis. Once the injured area heals, the plasmin enzyme starts to break the thrombus into small fragments. These fragments of the thrombin are called fibrin degradation products (FDP). FDP consists of different sizes of fragments of crosslinked fibrin. One of these fragments of thrombin is called D-Dimer which is a protein in nature. The amount of the D-dimer increases markedly when there is a notable breakdown and formation of the clots of fibrin in the body. 

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