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The lipase test measures the quantity of lipase protein in blood samples. This protein is essential for the absorption of fats in the body. The pancreas secretes the lipase enzyme, so this test is used to diagnose pancreas diseases such as pancreatitis. This is because inflammation in the pancreas may cause excess secretion of lipase enzymes. Lipase tests most commonly use blood samples to measure lipase levels so you can conveniently get lipase test in Houston from Labwork360 and order at-home specimen collection.

Lipase blood test not only diagnoses pancreas health problems but is also significant for diagnosing liver and kidney health disorders. It is also one of the tests used for diagnosing liver cirrhosis.

What is Lipase Protein?


Lipase is an enzyme so its function is to support the process of digestion. This enzyme is mainly involved in the digestion of fats in the body and inflammation of the pancreas causes an abnormally high release of lipase. 

In the situation of acute pancreatitis, the lipase levels in the blood get 3 to 10 times higher than their average quantity. A certain amount of lipase is already present in the blood, which should be in the range of normal lipase levels. 

The pancreas makes the lipase enzyme and this organ is a part of the digestive system. The function of the pancreas is to make digestive juices and hormones that help in the breakdown of food.

Lipase breaks down fats contained in the food to enable their absorption in the intestine. It has a critical role in breaking glycerol and fats into fatty acids. These compounds are used to provide energy to the body. Certain forms of lipase have more specific functions as well.

Potential Causes of High Lipase Levels


Lipase tests can help diagnose many health problems, including diseases of the pancreas. High lipase levels could be due to any of the following factors:

  • Cirrhosis

  • Kidney Failure

  • Bowel Problem

  • Disorders of the pancreas

What is a critical lipase level in the lipase lab test?


Very high lipase levels are 3 to 10 times the reference value and this is a symptom of acute pancreatitis. The range for normal lipase levels also differs according to age.

Pancreatitis - Causes and Effects


The most prevalent reason for pancreatitis is gallstones. In gallstone pancreatitis, the stones get stuck in the pancreatic duct or bile which causes inflammation in the pancreas. This causes swelling and redness of the pancreas. Gallstones are lumps of solid material which may obstruct the pancreas, while alcohol abuse is also one of the main reasons for pancreatitis. However, there could also be other causes of pancreatitis, which are as follows:

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Metabolic disorders

  • Post-endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)

  • Surgery

  • Trauma

  • Medications

  • Infections

When should you get the lipase test? What are the warning signs of pancreatitis?


The symptoms of pancreatitis include intense, constant, and sudden pain in the upper abdomen that radiates to the back. This pain may continue to last for days. Symptoms are different in different forms of pancreatitis, such as alcoholic pancreatitis and gallstone pancreatitis. Other common signs of pancreatitis are nausea or vomiting but these symptoms commonly occur in many other diseases too.

Normal Levels of Lipase in the Lipase Test


The normal values of lipase in the lipase test are in the range of 0 - 160 (U/L) or 0 - 2.67 (µkat/L). However, the range for the normal value of this enzyme may slightly differ among different laboratories. 

Lipase Vs Amylase Blood Test


Lipase test, as well as amylase tests, are used for diagnosing pancreatitis, but the lipase test is a more accurate test with improved sensitivity for diagnosing disorders associated with the pancreas. Pancreatitis causes an increase in both lipases as well as amylase enzyme levels. 

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Can Lipase Test Detect Cancer - Can Lipase Test Detect Pancreatic Cancer?


Yes, low lipase which is close to zero can be a sign of pancreatic cancer

Can you eat before the lipase test? Preparation for the Lipase Test


It is necessary not to drink or eat for 8 to 12 hours before having the lipase blood test. If the healthcare provider prescribes lipase urine tests, make sure to ask whether you have to follow any specific guidelines.

Effects of Pancreatitis - Lipase Test Diagnosis Pancreatitis


Pancreatitis can cause severe health problems, such as diabetes, kidney failure, infection, pancreatic cancer, pseudocyst, and malnutrition. 

Treatment for High Lipase Levels


The primary treatment for high lipase levels is prescription medications. Moreover, avoiding alcohol is necessary for treating high lipase levels. Certain foods also tend to raise lipase, such as avocados containing the lipase enzyme. Avocados are used to supplement the digestion of high-fat meals. 

Excessive intake of alcohol is one of the main reasons for pancreatitis so patients have to avoid alcohol. 

Effects of Deficiency of Lipase Enzyme


The function of this enzyme is to break down fats in foods. The deficiency of lipase impairs the digestion of fat-soluble vitamins. Bowel disorders and diarrhea are common symptoms of poor absorption of fat.

High Lipase Levels in the Lipase Test Do Not Always Indicate Pancreatitis


Lipase levels may also increase after endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP).

Who should get the lipase test? Which population is at a higher risk of pancreatitis?


Chronic pancreatitis is more common in males than in females, whereas the risk of acute pancreatitis is equal for both genders. Moreover, chronic pancreatitis generally occurs in middle-aged individuals, whereas the risk of acute pancreatitis rises with age.

Prevalence of Pancreatitis in the USA


In the USA, acute pancreatitis occurs in 4.9 to 35 individuals per 100,000 population. Increased rate of gallstones and obesity is the main reason for pancreatitis in the world.

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