About Us - Labwork360

Our Mission

Labwork provides a comprehensive menu of general and specialty diagnostic tests. We aim to make diagnostic testing convenient and easily accessible for people while maintaining high accuracy of tests and adherence to standard procedures. All tests are carried out meticulously using state-of-the art technologies and perfect equipment. At every stage of diagnostic testing, our specialised and trained staff ensure safety of the tested individuals and observance of guidelines for accurate testing. Moreover, we provide quick reports with fast turnarounds, we offer mobile phlebotomy for a small fee. There are many options for getting diagnostic tests at Labwork, you may get a panel consisting of many related tests or order a test separately. These tests help assess risk factors for diseases and help monitor treatments too. The several types of tests at Labwork include tests for assessing nutritional deficiency, risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, drug tests to check for potential misuse of drugs, allergy tests, tests for diagnosing many bacterial and viral infections, STDs tests, and tests to check for metabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases and other infections.